Muscatine Downtown Investors is a developer of rental property, both residential and commercial, in Muscatine, Iowa. Our residential properties vary in size and cost, from efficiency/one-bedroom units to 3+ bedroom apartments and houses, with monthly rents ranging from $500 to $3,500. We are known for innovative design and working with our customers to meet their needs. We have assisted many of our commercial customers build their businesses by tailoring their leased space to suit their business.


Muscatine Downtown Investors was founded 20 years ago in Muscatine, Iowa by Tom and Ann Meeker. The idea grew in response to the many vacant buildings we saw in our downtown. We believed downtowns across the country were making a comeback and there was great opportunity right under our noses.

We began slowly, buying vacant properties one at a time, doing most of the work ourselves, while also working full time. We would refurbish a building to the point where it was rentable, then move on to the next one. It was a slow process that eventually became our full-time jobs. Our son joined us in the business in 2008, which enabled us to expand more quickly.

In 2000, we started our first major project by purchasing 7 vacant buildings that were scheduled for demolition. The tear-out and renovation took nearly 3 years. Pearl Plaza opened in the fall of 2003. It is a mixed use property, housing 6 high-end apartments, 7 retail units, a coffee shop, a restaurant, a wine bar, 6 office units, and garages under the rear patio. The rental units remain in high demand. This has proven our theory that people are interested in living downtown, given the right kind of residential space.

A more recent project is 522 Mulberry Avenue, completed in 2011. Again, this is a mixed use property with 5 retail units and 12 residential units.

Our company has grown to 5 employees. Our son has moved on from the business to open Bridgeside Links here in Muscatine As we typically have multiple projects occurring simultaneously, we employ several local contractors as needed. We continue to improve our properties and are currently focusing on housing for young professionals. We have expanded our business to include properties outside the downtown area with the purchase of 2 school buildings and a strip mall. The former Garfield school is leased by Optimae Life Services. The former Washington school is under renovation and will be a mix of retail, office, and residential spaces. It also houses a unique activities center called Muscatine Sportsplex.